Read what parents are saying about Sunrise Children's School

We absolutely adored this sweet school by the sea. My daughter learned so much and I knew she was absolutely loved while she was there. The flexibility and option of stay and play was an absolute lifesaver for my family too!

Kristen Cassi

We seriously love this school so much. Sunrise Children's School really sets the standard for early childhood education and preschool. The teachers and staff are all so invested in each child and doing what's best for their individual needs. It genuinely feels like a family! Both of my children have gone to Sunrise and I feel so grateful that they've each had the opportunity to begin their "school" experience in such a loving and supportive environment. 

Danielle Fabrega

Our experience as Sunrise Children’s School has been truly incredible.  With the help of all the staff and director, I have watched my son grow tremendously both socially and academically.  The experience will always be remembered with gratitude. Thank you all!

Kim Carroll

We have had a great two years at SCS! The boys have thrived!  My older son is now excelling in Kindergarten…thanks to SCS for preparing him!  The small school has been a wonderful environment to make wonderful and lasting friendships.

Arnold Family

We would recommend SCS to anyone.

Scarpa Family

We truly cannot say enough good things about Sunrise Children’s School. Both of our children attended this precious school and I seriously considered having another child just so we could send them there as well! The atmosphere is wonderful and feels more like a family than just a place to learn. The kind and patient staff loves all of the children and treats them as their own and you can’t beat the location. Anyone who is lucky enough to send their child here won’t regret it for a second. We would send our kids here all over again and we will miss it so much!

Melissa and Ty Bowman

All three of our boys have gone through Sunrise and it amazes me that the teachers have discovered and nurtured each of their unique personalities. It warms a mom’s soul when your child’s teacher can speak with such detail about your child- his preferences, his nuances, a small occurrence at circle time.

The teachers’ compassion and connection with the kids is no doubt an extension of the teaching style and curriculum at Sunrise. Since day one, the staff has expressed the importance of learning through play, that preschool children are not mini-adults. This approach has impressed us and captured our children long after “graduation.”  Our 9 and 6 year old still sing the songs from Ms. Sara; their artwork still hangs on our walls; and they relish in asking their 3 year old brother about all the goings-on of the Blue Room.

Tara Boone

At least one of my sons attended Sunrise Children’s School for the past three years, with my youngest still enrolled.  I boast about how lucky we are to have found this little gem of a school by the sea. Both of my sons have been students in the Blue and Purple classrooms.  The staff became family to us. They nurture our children and help keep their minds and bodies safe and happy. As parents of preschool children, “safety” and “happiness” are our main focus of sending them to school.  Sunrise Children’s School exceeded those expectations. My oldest just started Kindergarten this year and he is ahead of the game in many aspects of their current curriculum and social environment. Even though he is a “shy” child, he quickly adjusted to the routines and interactions within the Kindergarten classroom.   Both the nurturing and educational skills that the Sunrise School staff exhibit allow the children to learn while having fun! The staff caters to individual learners’ motivations which maximize their learning and growth potential. The staff also helped us potty train our youngest with the utmost encouragement and patience. Not one day has gone by that I have not picked my sons up from preschool without a smile on their face! 

Bridget Scheidler

As a mother of a 2-year-old, I was both scared and excited about sending my daughter to preschool for the first time.  I was very impressed as Sunrise Children’s Schools approach to ensure a smooth transition for both my daughter and me. Prior to school starting, the teachers came to our home to introduce themselves to my daughter Sarah, and to talk to her about what she will be doing at school.  Additionally, on Sarah’s first day of school, the kids only went for forty-five minutes in order to get Sarah adjusted to her classroom and classmates. This was a wonderful was for Sarah and myself to start off the school year!

Eden King

At Sunrise Children’s School you always have the comfort and peace of mind that your child is being cared for the same way they would be at home.  When the teacher comes to your house to meet your child in his/her own environment before the school year even begins, you know that your child’s best interest is always foremost.

David & Leslie Steele

Sunrise Children’s School takes such good care of Dunn and Annie.  I am amazed at the one-on-one instruction and patience. The smaller class size is wonderful; each child has a better opportunity to learn social skills, lessons and become self-aware.  I am so grateful for the teachers and their ability to help each child express their personalities and abilities. Thank you so much for creating an amazing place for our children!

Annalyle T. Andrews

As a parent you want the best for your child!  Sunrise Children’s School is the best! They have excellent teacher student ratios; they provide a warm, caring environment for my child to learn.  The field trips and hands on learning are outstanding.

Lisa Izzo

My children love going to school and instead of asking when the weekend is, they want to know when “school day” is!  What could be a better indication than that! It shows what a great success Sunrise Children’s School is!

McNaught Family